Meet Carrillo's Magnet Coordinator
Rebeca Stroup is new to Carrillo K-5 Magnet School, but previously worked as the magnet coordinator at Ida Dodge Magnet Middle School as their magnet coordinator. Mrs. Stroup has been in education 14 years, as a High School Spanish teacher and then a Social Studies 6th grade teacher. Her duties include recruiting families to Carrillo, organizing educational functions for the community, and attending local events to promote the magnet program at Carrillo. Mrs. Stroup is also a parent at Carrillo and a proud member of the PTO.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour, feel free to contact Rebeca at (520) 225-1200 or contact Mrs. Stroup by email.
Tours available on campus as well as through Zoom
Tours last approximately 30 minutes
Please contact Mrs. Stroup at 520-225-1264 or contact Mrs. Stroup through email to set up a tour.

Magnet Office
The Magnet office is located at 1010 E. 10 St. Applications can either be completed and turned in at the TUSD Magnet Office or at Carrillo. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Magnet Office.